Asylum, Terror, and the Future

“The problem, of course, lies with the realities concealed from us. This has always been the case… In the end, however, this is our government, and torture is being utilized in our names and supported by our tax dollars. We are responsible.”

The following educational tool kit based on the video podcast series by documentary filmmaker Anne Lewis. 

This series explores the Central American diaspora and humanitarian crisis unfolding on the US/Mexico border. This series is based on the case stories of Jennifer Harbury. Originally published on the Rag Blog.

This toolkit includes 6 videos, links to the audio-only version, and transcripts in English and Spanish. 

Haz click aqui para ver en Español.

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digital resistance


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In 2006 and under the regime of the George W. Bush administration, the T. Don Hutto facility in Hutto, Texas opened and officially launched the practice of family detention in private prisons. With full permission of the law, private prison corporations began to cash in on the imprisonment of immigrants and refugees. As the federal government enacted laws to criminalize human migration, these particular communities of people were commodified and funneled into the prison industrial complex. 

Corporate media coverage of the topic was virtually non-existent and hard to attain because of the historical media void and under-reporting of issues affecting communities of color. Additionally, it was very difficult to spread the word about family detention crisis that was happening in Texas because photos and videos, which were not allowed in or around the prisons, were very difficult to obtain. 

In 2009, Xica Media became involved in supporting and covering the issue. As a Texas-based digital media project rooted and birthed in social justice, Xica Media was invited to help create media to support organizing efforts on the ground while raising awareness to the general public in print and online.​ Since then, we have worked with imprisoned families, lawyers, organizations, community groups, every people and other media outlets to end family detention.

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visions from the inside

Visual Art Project

EndFamilyDetention.comm along with CultureStrike, Familia Trans Queer Liberation MovementFamilies For Freedom, NWDC Resistance and 12 artists from across the country, brings you Visions From The Inside, a visual art project inspired by letters penned by detained migrants. 

“By visually illustrating these letters we aim to bring awareness and a better sense of the realities that people are experiencing inside of for-profit detention facilities, what led them to migrate in the first place and, most importantly, highlighting the resiliency of the migrant spirit.”

#VisionsFromTheInside art project on display at the United Nations in Geneva

bear witness

Voices from Inside

This audio is part of the traveling exhibit for the Visions from the Inside project. The letters on the right are actual letters from inside the prisons. The readings and recordings were done by community activists fighting against detention.