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#24HrsFast to #‎EndFamilyDetention‬ and #FreeRefugeeFamilies


24HrsFast_Flyer3_xsmall2This Mother’s Day, pressure Obama to #EndFamilyDetention and #FreeRefugeeFamilies by pledging to join our National #24HrsFast!

While neoliberal trade policies and U.S intervention have contributed to the rise in structural forms of violence, which include crime and poverty, mothers and children have been forced to migrate from Latin America, particularly Central America, to the United States. However, the Obama administration has responded with for-profit incarceration, detaining women and children for up to 11 months. This Mother’s Day, the #KarnesRefugeeMoms are sending a letter to Obama demanding their release. Both scholars and the larger community will be pressuring the administration to take action on behalf of all detained #RefugeeFamilies.

Please join our #24HrsFast in solidarity with all the women and children to #‎EndFamilyDetention‬ and #FreeRefugeeFamilies!

What: #24hrsFast & press conference to support the delivery of the letters to the White House
When: Monday, May 11th at 10:00 AM

::National #24HrsFast Press Conference(s)::

Los Angeles, CA | CARECEN-LA
Address: 2845 W. 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90057

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