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A goodbye letter from one teenage girl to another

A goodbye letter from one teenage girl to another. They met inside the Karnes “family detention” center; and the writer was deported to El Salvador with her mom and about 90 other people (34 – 38 families) on Thursday, October 30, 2014.


goodbye1goodbye2 Hello, my precious Melisa, before anything I want to tell you thank you for your friendship. Even though I didn’t know you for very long I realized that you are a great person and friend. I like the way you are and I ask you for a favor…well (let me rephrase) do the world a favor and never change because you are worth a thousand. Melisa I hope that you get out of there soon, don’t worry and don’t lose faith that God will make it up to you, always pray to Him that He give you strength to continue moving forward.

Never forget me, and I will never forget. I tell you it hurts to leave friends like you but well I hope that we always stay in contact so that our friendship lasts years. I want you to be an aunt to my children! 🙂 LOL!!

Never for get me, my friend, and never give up easy. I know that with God first you will arrive to your destiny. I know you will be happy and that you forget this place. Well I hope you forget Karnes City, Texas but me, never! 🙂 Because I will forget of this stupid place but as for the friends I made here like you, I will never forget.

I hope you like my little letter that I made with a lot of love for you, Melisa! LOL!!

I care for you a ton and you will always be a part of my heart.

I love you Melisa!

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