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A letter from Carmen

The letter below is from a young girl who is imprisoned with her mother and sisters at the Karnes family prison facility near San Antonio, Texas.


from carmen

October 31, 2014

We need your help to get out of this place to be with our families.  We cannot go to our country because there is poverty, violence, crime and there is no way to get a job or sometimes even education.  I ask you please to allow us your help because w can’t be in here any more.  We are depressed and deceived in this place…from making long lines to try to eat food to getting some sun…to buying things in the commissary.  Often times we have no money in our (prison bank) accounts.  The times they offer us food is scarce and the best food there is to eat is in the commissary…even though it is already bad.  There is so much more ugliness…

Thank you for your help,



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