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A letter from Melissa

Melissa and her sisters are imprisoned with their mother at the Karnes “family” prison near San Antonio, Texas.

from melisa

October 31, 2014

We need the help of all of you because we feel depressed and forgotten in this place.  Although our beloved lawyer is doing everything humanly possible our case has dragged on because my mother has a deportation.  The food is horrible and to see some people come in but get good news has made us feel worse. 

Yesterday 10/30/14 to see that 38 families were deported from here after months of being here has made us feel deceived.  This country has been deceiving.  One of my friends was deported and that made me feel real bad.  There are people that just arrived and have gotten positive news.  But we cannot stand it any longer the longer we stay.

Every time some important people arrive, they fill the freezers [with people] because these visitors are important and do an inspection.

Please I beg all of you for your help.  Because I have no more faith in my country.


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