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Coastal Bend Detention Center, November 2013, an ICE prison for women

About private prisons

In a way, private prisons seem a relatively new development, but the ugly foundation of private prisons is deeply ingrained in U.S. history. The government “detains” or imprisons or incarcerates…

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Carta para tu familiar [email protected]: un ejemplo

DECLARACIÓN JURADA EN APOYO A LA SOLICITUD DE LIBERTAD CONDICIONAL DE (NOMBRE DEL [email protected]) Yo, (nombre del patrocinador), por medio de la presente declaro bajo juramento lo siguiente: Soy (residente permanente legal/[email protected]) de los Estados Unidos (consulte el anexo). Soy (parentesco) de (nombre del [email protected]), quien solicita asilo político de (país de origen) y quien […]

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National Security Threat

Read the the material that ICE lawyers present in immigration court to support its argument that the refugees — specifically the women and children — fleeing El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras since June pose a “national security threat” to the United States. Read it and weep. ICE Bond Packet

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