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Bring Ana’s sister back

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Dear Friends and Supporters,

We need your help. Our friend Ana is fighting to get her sister and 10-year-old nephew out of detention. After fleeing their home country for life-threatening reasons and seeking asylum in the United States, they have been in the Karnes Detention Center in Texas for over one year.
During that time, Ana has worked tirelessly to save up the money to pay an attorney to represent her sister in court. Simultaneously, she has joined activist efforts locally and nationally, putting her own well-being at stake to publicly denounce the injustices of refugee incarceration.

Ana’s efforts finally seemed to be paying off. Her sister has a final court day, June 15, 2015(initially was June 5th) . But the lawyer is requesting an additional $1,500. Ana’s family has been able to raise $500 to date, but they are still $1,000 short. In order to represent her sister, the lawyer is requesting the money by tomorrow morning June 6th.
To make matters worse, Ana cannot come up with the money because she was hospitalized this past Sunday (May 31st) and is currently undergoing brain surgery recovery.

Because we need to preserve Ana and her sister’s anonymity, we are unable to provide more detailed information that might threaten their family. But if you’d like confirmation of the veracity of the case, you may contact Leisy Abrego at [email protected]

Thank you for your support!


*Ana’s story was updated on June 6 with new information regarding her health and her sister’s legal case.