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Bus duty, Nov 5, 2015

20151105_212353This is a Guatemalan family, mother and her 3 sons, who fled vicious poverty in their country.  Abandoned by husband/father of the boys 8 years ago, she eked out a living washing clothes and cleaning houses for 25 to 30 quetzales a day.  She spoke Q’anjob’al (Kanjobal) and the boys spoke both Kanjobal and Spanish.   (Note:  Q’anjob’al (also Kanjobal) is a Mayan language spoken primarily in Guatemala and part of Mexico.  There were approximately 77,700 native speakers, primarily in the Huehuetenango Department of Guatemala.)   They are joining her Uncle.  She and her sons fled Guatemala because conditions in her home area are so dire that she could not raise her family.  She was released  from Karnes prison yesterday and is on a “grillete”.  Her 14 year old son said that the grillete was “ofensivo” as the other two boys had these big brown eyes and face turned to me.   This family represents our ancestral roots and we gave them a “grillete.”