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Bus duty, Thursday Oct 22, 2015

About 20 mothers and their children came through the San Antonio bus station today after up to 20 days in Dilley or Karnes City.  All wore grilletes.  I spoke to one mother from Honduras who was traveling to Louisiana with her 9 year old daughter.  Two years ago, her husband was killed by gangs, later her brother was also killed.   She moved from town to town in Honduras for 2 years when the gang members threatened her with death also.  With the help of friends, she left 2 older children with them in Honduras and she fled seeking asylum.  Her trip across the countries was with a “guia” and on arriving at the border spent 1 day each at la hielera and at la perrera, finally being sent to Karnes City prison with her daughter.  One of her son’s went into a serious depression after his father was killed and she brought him out of it by talking to him about looking to the future and concentrating on his education. Her daughter is a bright child, and loves to write and does so very well.  At an early age the mother learned how to bake and to cook Honduran type food.  She makes Honduran tamales with “chicharo” and other items that we don’t use in Texas.

She said she knew about the criminal element in Honduras, and knew corruption in Honduras, and she felt that wearing the grillete was making her look like a  criminal and she knew the difference between criminals and herself.  She said she had  never broken any law in her country, never even stepped into a police department in her country.  And yet today, she wears the grillete and is beginning to feel peculiar wearing it.