TAKE ACTION: Call ICE to release Sonia and her 3 children from the Karnes family prison
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Sonia and her son

Please call ICE and demand that Sonia and her 3 children be released from detention.

Sonia and her three young children have spent more than 7 months in a privately-owned, for-profit “family” prison after fleeing horrific violence in their home country of El Salvador, including the brutal rape and murder of a 13-year-old girl in their village. Sonia’s oldest daughter, Abi, will turn 11 this year, and she has two younger brothers: Valentín is 9 and Moises just turned 3 last month, while in detention. Numerous allegations of sexual abuse, extortion and harassment have been reported at the facility in Karnes, Texas where they are being held.

CALL TODAY! Each call counts!

1) Please call:

• DHS Headquarters (ask to leave a message for Sarah Saldaña’s assistant)at 202-732-3000 and

• Assistant Director of the ERO, Phillip T. Miller at 202-732-3941

2) Call script:

“I’m calling in support of Sonia (A# 094-923-605) and her three children held at Karnes Family Detention Center. We urge you to stop their deportation to El Salvador and exercise prosecutorial discretion by releasing Sonia and her three children. The children have already passed their credible fear interview and have been granted a bond of $1500 from the judge. They do not pose a national security or public security risk to our country.”

free sonia flyer FOR PRINT

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