How to Pay an Immigration Bond, from Andrade Legal of Boise, Idaho

Follow the link below for extremely useful information from Andrade Legal — Immigration Law in Boise, Idaho. Kudos to María Andrade and her colleagues! And visit the Andrade Legal for even more extremely useful information. The attach PDF refers to a list of bond companies. I have not included the list of bond companies because […]

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Each of us has a duty to report child abuse or neglect

According to Texas law, “if you suspect the abuse or neglect of a child, it is your duty to report it immediately.” Did you read any qualifiers or exceptions? Did you read that “it’s your duty to report child abuse or neglect immediately, EXCEPT if – the abuse or neglect is at the hands of […]

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National Security Threat

Read the the material that ICE lawyers present in immigration court to support its argument that the refugees — specifically the women and children — fleeing El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras since June pose a “national security threat” to the United States. Read it and weep. ICE Bond Packet

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