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April 6, 2015

We mothers who are detained in Karnes County Residential Center began a hunger strike on March 30 asking for freedom, for justice. This strike began because all the mothers want a response from DHS with regards to their cases. For now the strike has stopped until they give us a decision, but if they don’t decide anything, we will continue to take action.

April 5 was the last day of our strike. Many mothers were pressured by ICE and by GEO. Three mothers were placed in “medical” solitary confinement as a punishment. Officials from GEO told us that if we did not stop the strike, immigration would deport us. We are under a lot of pressure but we will not give up.

I, [redacted] have been imprisoned here for eight months with my daughter [redacted], age 10. She is suffering greatly from being separated from her siblings and asks me every day to leave this place. Immigration officials have not granted me either conditional release or a bond. I am [nationality] and I came to the United States seeking refuge because I am very afraid of returning to [name of country]. I ask everyone to help us because we are all desperate mothers. I am in support of all the mothers who have participated in the hunger strike because it is an injustice to be here for so long with our children.



Translation by Sarah Watkins