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Help Reunite a Family

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My dear friend Alta Gracias has spent the past six months locked up in an immigration detention facility with her three small children, after fleeing her native El Salvador in search of an escape from the violence overrunning the country. She has finally made it through the first steps of the legal process for filing an asylum claim, and she and her children are being released to family on the East Coast.

Her family doesn’t have many resources and what they have been able to save has been going to legal fees. So I am helping them to raise the funds for plane tickets for Alta and her three children (who are ages 10, 9, and 2). We are estimating about $500 per plane ticket from the Texas detention center where she is being held to the East Coast.

Please consider making a donation to help reunite this family. With your help, they will finally be able to begin the healing process after the trauma of being forced from their home and then spending six months behind bars.

Muchas Gracias ~ Thank you!

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