You are currently viewing Honor Mothers’ Day this year by joining the fight to release mothers and children in detention!

Honor Mothers’ Day this year by joining the fight to release mothers and children in detention!


Stop Locking Up Immigrant Women and Children. End family detention now!

Honor Mothers’ Day this year by joining the fight to release mothers and children in detention!


Since last summer, thousands of mothers and children have been locked up in immigrant detention facilities after they came seeking safety in the US. Most of these women and children are asylum seekers fleeing terrible violence in their home countries, and instead of finding the protection they need, they’re being met with indefinite detention.

President Obama previously terminated large-scale family detention in 2009 amidst a firestorm of human rights abuses. Today women and children, including babies and toddlers, are once again being locked up in an expanded facility in Berks County, Pennsylvania and two new privately run facilities in Texas, where private corporations are profiting off their detention to the tune of $343 per person per day.

Detaining mothers and children punishes families fleeing for their lives, needlessly puts them in harm’s way and violates their human rights. Will you join with us to stand up for the rights of women and children and demand an end to family detention?

This Mothers Day, people across the country will be taking action to recognize the sacrifices made by immigrant mothers who are being unjustly punished for doing whatever it takes to keep their children safe.

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Dear Director Saldaña,

The United States’ policy of locking up mothers and children in detention centers violates human rights law, needlessly puts children in harm’s way, and punishes families fleeing for their lives.

The use of immigration detention is inhumane and draconian. Women and children incarcerated inside the Berks County, Karnes, and Dilley facilities are fleeing extreme violence. Locking them up in jail-like facilities with frequent reports of abuse and mistreatment jeopardizes the well-being of mothers and children.

Detaining children is especially detrimental. Confinement can cause severe harm – from anxiety and depression, to long-term cognitive and developmental damage. For both mothers and children, the emotional and psychological stresses of detention add another layer of trauma to the often life-threatening experiences they endured in their home countries.

Most of these families are seeking protection, and are likely eligible for it under US law. They should be released so that they can get the legal and community support they need—both of which are extremely difficult to access while locked up—as they await their day in court.

Stand on the right side of history by releasing women and children now and supporting an end to family detention.”