Leaked report by ICE/GEO alleges “insurrection” and attempted communication with helicopters by women and children inside the Karnes detention camp
On April 13, 2015 | 1 Comments

This disciplinary report from the Karnes detention camp recently surfaced and reveals an odd twist of events and accusations: that the women fasting inside the Karnes prison with their children were somehow staging an “insurrection” and attempting to communicate with a helicopter.

Here is a redacted copy of the disciplinary report:


View report in PDF:  http://endfamilydetention.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Karnes-_Incident-of-Prohibited-Act_-Redacted-document-as-to-client.pdf

More absurd than cruel? Or more cruel than absurd?

The woman who received this notice of an “Incident of Prohibited Acts and Notice of Charges,” says the story described on the form is mostly untrue. GEO — or maybe ICE — claims that while the mothers were fasting (oh, right, not fasting, there was no fast, say ICE and GEO) the women were having an “insurrection.”  They were outside all waiting for a helicopter.

Merriam-Webster defines an “insurrection” as: “a usually violent attempt to take control of a government.”

The woman says the claim that they were waiting for some helicopter is preposterous. From where or whom or what would they be expecting a helicopter? They were outside because they were outside…..there is an outside area that the families can be in.

She says the women were angry because a GEO staff member came out and started videotaping them. They were angry because they already, always, have their privacy completely invaded — there are cameras on them all the time.

Because they were angry, they took regular-size pieces of paper (saying this, she pointed to an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet), and wrote one letter on each piece: L I B E R T A D and held the papers up, in order, to the camera.

It’s not that they were spelling “Libertad” to a helicopter (!???); it’s not that there was a helicopter; they had no large banner or piece of paper; and they wrote “LIBERTAD” in response to the additional invasion of privacy of the new videocamera; the report has the story backwards.

What is particularly insidious about this form is that it does not say indicate whether it is an ICE or GEO form, although it appears to be the latter because government forms always have numbers, right? But it’s clearly designed to LOOK like a government form….given the font.

The “prohibited act” (from what list?) has a number!!! And the prohibited act in question is insurrection!! This would be hilarious if the consequences were not real intimidation and pain.