You are currently viewing Letter from #KarnesMoms reaches President Obama, #24hrsfast in solidarity begins nationwide to #EndFamilyDetention

Letter from #KarnesMoms reaches President Obama, #24hrsfast in solidarity begins nationwide to #EndFamilyDetention

On Monday, May 11, 2015, activists and family members of detained women and children met with the office of President Obama to deliver a letter urging him to free families from detention and to uphold the Flores Settlement.

Click on image to view original letter in Spanish to President Obama in PDF.

In the letter written by mothers that led a hunger strike in April at the Karnes Family Detention Center addressed to President Obama they state, “We ask that you free us and grant us refuge. Please give us a chance to demonstrate to you that we are honest, responsible, and hardworking mothers. We want our children in the future to be men and women who benefit society.”  Click here to view PDF letter in English.

Earlier in the day, a press conference was also held in front of the White House.

Here is a clip from the action:

In addition to the mothers letter, a second letter signed by over 500 U.S. scholars, urging the release of the mothers and their children was also delivered. The group also visited Congressman Ruben Hinojosa and urged him to stand for the rights of all women and children and inform him of the illegality of family detention in his district, which includes the Karnes Family Detention Center located in Texas.

At the same time, individuals and activists across the country pledged a 24-hour fast in solidarity with the mothers.

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View the live stream of pledges here:

The families of the detained mothers and children were accompanied by leaders of the Central American community, the Human Rights Alliance for Refugee Children and Families from Texas, We Belong Together  and other groups.