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Mother (27) and son (10)

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My name is [redacted] (A[redacted]); I am 27 years old and I am here with my son [redacted], who is 10 years old. We are from El Salvador and we are here [at Karnes] since August 1, 2014.

I am asking for help because I have a positive answer and [have an established] bail in respect to my son’s case but they yet haven’t given me a release date.  I would like you to help me because I want justice. I do not think it is fair to see my son incarcerated here when he could be free and not incarcerated. I know that the way we came [to the United States] is illegal, but the only reason [for coming to the United States] is because I am very scared to go back to my country. My desperation is because in this center there is much abuse of power coming from I.C.E.. They don’t give us medicine when we are sick. When we go to the doctor we have to wait for two hours or more, and when we are seen [by the doctor], they tell us to only drink a lot of water. They never have medicine for headaches, stomachache, body ache, fever and cough. There is not good attention here [at Karnes].

My biggest deception is to know that a mother, who had up to four deportations, got out of this center with her daughter and was not obligated to finish her case locked up here [at Karnes]. The question we all ask ourselves [Blanca and the other women that are at Karnes with her] is: Why did they let her out and they don’t let us out?

Please, I ask for help so I can get out of here soon, have justice, and see that my son can be happy and free.

Translation donated by Adriana Lucia Murga Gonzalez

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