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Polyane and her daughter

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My name is Polyane Soares de Oliveira, 29 years old, number A 200-022-852, and I’m Brazilian. Here with me is my daughter Rhynasa Luisa Duarte, 10 years old, number A 202-004-494. We are detained in the Karnes Residential Center in the city of Karnes, state of Texas. I’ve been here since August 3, 2014.

Gentlemen, I write to request your support and assistance on our behalf as well as all of these mothers in jail. Here in this detention center several things have happened, including the abuse of power on the part of the immigration (ICE). Just like with my daughter, there are other children who can make bail, but they can’t leave because the immigration officials allege that the mothers are not eligible to leave and must end their process here in this detention center. I am afraid that if I stay in this center something could happen to me or my daughter because the ICE tries to cover up everything and all news that happen here. A woman got pregnant after being raped by GEO officials (a third-party company that works for the immigration). There was also a Guatemalan guy who was raped, but we don’t know whether he was deported or taken to another center. I fear for my safety and my daughter’s safety. The food is always badly cooked and we have to buy something to eat at the store. I’ve been waiting for several days to be taken to see a doctor for a throat problem, but as of now that hasn’t happened.

One issue has made all mothers very disappointed. There is a woman with 4 deportations who left with her daughter’s bail. The question we have is why that woman who had no other recourse has gone whereas the rest of us with good cases and bail cannot leave.

Gentlemen, please help us get justice and allow my daughter and me to be free and happy.

I understand that I entered this country illegally, but I believe that I can be saved here because I am very afraid to go back to my home country.

Thank you.

Polyane S. de Oliveira

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