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Mother (29) and daughter (2)

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I am [redacted], number A [redacted], 29 years old, and I’m Brazilian. My daughter [redacted], number A [redacted], 2 years old is also Brazilian.

I request assistance from the community and human rights for all the mothers who have been here since August 2014. First of all, I’d like to mention that there are many things in this center that the immigration (ICE) tries to hide. I am certain that the public is not aware of these acts and things that happen here at Karnes Residential Center.

I have been here since August 6, 2014, and whenever my daughter has a fever or feels sick for any reason at all, the only thing the doctors prescribe is water and apple juice. The food is always badly prepared and makes our stomach hurt. The worst thing is that a woman was raped by a GEO official and is pregnant. A Guatemalan guy was also raped in his own room. I myself was a victim of one of these officials who promised marriage to me. They take advantage of our fragile states to make promises. One of the residents at this center has left with her daughter’s bail because the immigration officials had promised that the children’s bail would allow all mothers to leave. That only happened with one mother, and her name is [redacted], number A [redacted]. In reality, that woman was having an affair with an immigration official, R. Torres. We want justice for all these mothers who are not having affairs with their officials and cannot leave.

They are in the process of expanding this center in order to make more families suffer, such as mine. Please help us. I’m desperate.

I’m counting on some people who support immigrants and who are united on our behalf. My daughter and I cannot return to our country because we have already suffered a lot with domestic violence.

Please help us.

February 24, 2015

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