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Mother (32) and two children

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February 26, 2015

I, [redacted] am 32 years old. My number is A# [redacted] . I am with my two children. One is named [redacted] ; her number is A# [redacted] . My other daughter, [redacted], number is A# [redacted] . We have been in detention at the Karnes County Residential Center for six months. I need you to help me please, we suffer so much here, and my children do not like the food.

We are very sick. I do not like the physicians. They do not tell us the types of medicines they give us. Things happen here that worry us mothers and our children. I am from Honduras please help us please we are scared to go back to our country and we do not want to spend more time here.


Translation donated by Andra Steele

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