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Mother (34) and daughters (15, 14 and 11)

Letter 9 pg 1 of 2 Letter 9 pg 2 of 2I Maria Estela Marquez Marquez: A087591777, am 34 years old, I’m from El Salvador. I am here detained in the State of Texas, Karnes International Center, Karnes City with my 3 children: Melissa Guadalupe Salamanca Marquez-15 years old: A202072753, Carmen Elizabeth Salamanca Marquez-14 years old: A202072754 and Jackeline Gabriela Marquez-11 years old: A202072756, since the 5 of August, 2014.

We are asking for you to help us, for all of the mothers that are held in this center that like us have been here for months and have pleaded their children’s case. The majority of them already have a positive response and have made bail but they still do not let them leave because they have to terminate their case with them, not with their children inside here.

What has given caused for us great deception and desperation is knowing that a mother with her daughter had already left and was in the same situation as the rest, with 4 deportations in one year alone, she made the bail of $1,500, they let her go free without terminating her case.

Our great fear is that they will deport us without giving us any notice and without us having any communication with our families or lawyer; because in this center they have already deported many families that have already spent so much time incarcerated. Also we are afraid because of the Abuse of Power on the Part of I.C.E. They try to cover up everything that is happening here inside. For example:

A pregnant mother had left from here. A young boy was sexually abused and the worst is that we don’t know if they deported him or sent him to another center.

Please, We ask you to help us.

February 24, 2015

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  1. Odilia Galvan Rodriguez

    why mistreat mothers
    for protecting their children
    it is criminal

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