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Mother (37) and children (11 and 5)

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I [redacted], I am 37 years old. My A number is [redacted]. I have two children. One is 11 years old, A number is [redacted]. And her name is [redacted]. And the other one is 5 years old and his A number is [redacted]. His name is [redacted]. We have been detained for 7 months in the Karnes County Residential Center. And my children can no longer tolerate being detained. They do not like the food. It has already been a lot of time. Please help us. We are from Guatemala. I am afraid to go back to my country because of my partner and because of the Maras and some have the bond and they do not let them get out. I do not know why.

[Signature]                                                                                                                        02/26/2015

Translation donated by Cristina Cigarroa

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