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Mother (39) and daughter (2)

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I am [redacted], [born in the] year [redacted], [in] El Salvador. My daughter [is] [redacted], of two and-a-half years [of age], A [redacted]. Through this letter I can say that I have been detained in this country since August 02, 2014. I spent 4 days in the hielera [ice box; a term used to refer to border detention facilities because they are kept at freezing temperatures] and on August, 06 I arrived here at the Karnes, TX center where I am still detained. When I got here they initially told me that I didn’t have a right to anything because of my deportations. I lived here in the United States for 3 and-a-half years. I have an American son who is 7 years old, and my husband has a temporary permit. He’s been living here 17 years in the United States. Today, on March 02, I’ve been detained here 7 months. Immigration initially said we had to be here 90 days, then they said it’d be another 90 days, and now we’re here today and I don’t even have a bond for my daughter all of this [disjunctive sentence]

[page break’] Even I, [redacted], have had to endure the illnesses here in this place all because I’m waiting on my case. I have never dared to ask for my deportation because I am very afraid of returning to my country, but I’m very worried because I see that my friends were given their bond by the judge and now immigration doesn’t release them which is what they want, considering how much time we have had to suffer. I know of a friend by the name of Ilda Lorena who was able to leave on a bond of one-thousand five-hundred [dollars]. Why don’t they want to release the rest of them? I also want to have that opportunity. If the judge gives me a bond for my daughter, that they release me since we’re 12 women who’ve been here 7 months.


Translation donated by Alfredo González-Benítez

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