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Mother and daughter

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I arrived at this detention center on August 4, 2014. I already have bond for my daughter, and I haven’t been able to leave yet. I’m worried, because my daughter is losing weight, because she doesn’t eat. The food has pepper in it, and she doesn’t like it. I’m worried, because she could get sick.

I need people to help me be able to get out. I don’t have anywhere to go. I cannot return to Guatemala. I am an orphan, and my husband was murdered. I was also threatened, that I would be killed together with my daughter. I am also discriminated against because of my language, I don’t know how to speak Spanish.

Please help us. I have already been in detention for seven months. My daughter is desperate, and so am I. The water has bleach in it, and I don’t have money to buy water from the store.

We need help so that we can be freed.

Translation donated by Melissa Biggs

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