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February 28, 2015


My name is [redacted], and I came in 2007, but I was caught and was deported, but in that same year, 2007, I again came because I could not live because my ex boyfriend would abuse me, and would rape me anytime he wanted. I had no one who would defend me because I lived alone with my mother and she told me to again return and that I should leave my son and that she would take care of my son. He was 4 years old, and his name is [redacted].

Because of that I returned and thanks to God I arrived in Los Angeles and in 2008 my other son was born, and his name is [redacted].

And in June 26, 2014, I returned to Honduras to bring my other son [redacted] because he was growing up and he began to have problems. The gang members would pursue when they saw that he was growing and that he did not have a father, or anyone who would defend him. And they saw that [redacted] was in a Church Youth group, he attended catechism. I had sent him a bible, but they tore it up and in front of him they killed his friend. He got scared and told me what was happening. That is why I left and brought him. We entered here on 2 September 2014. From that time we are detained in this place, Karnes County Residential Center, and what we are living is not at all pleasant. This I do not wish on anyone. I am trusting my God who will quickly end this nightmare. I am worried about my other son, the one who is here with me is suffering and the one who is in Los Angeles also is suffering, because his teacher says that his grades are getting bad, he cries a lot because in the morning a woman friend leaves him at school, and she also picks him up. His father sees him at night, and all of this is affecting him. I need help. Please. Thank you.

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