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Mother and son (12)

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I am in this institution asking for help because I can’t return to my country. I have been here since August 3, 3/8/2014. I need help because I am worried; my son, [redacted] is twelve years [old]. He’s in bad health he is at risk for diabetes and I can’t give him the diet he needs while in here. The doctor also told me he needs to drink a lot of water. However, there is a lot of chlorine in the water. It’s true that they do give [us] vegetables here but with a lot of pepper. I have few resources; I don’t have the money to be able to buy him purified water which they sell at the commissary. My son, [redacted], doesn’t want to return to his country either, but he doesn’t want to be locked up here in this center. He no longer wants the horrid food they give us in here. He doesn’t eat anymore.

I ask you to have a little bit of a conscience if only for the children. If it was me, locked up

[page break] by myself; as an adult you endure more, but they’re children. I am also not well because I developed a mass in my shoulder. The doctor says it’s from stress. They only gave me acetaminophen. We are not criminals, we’ve come fleeing from criminals. Please, I ask you to help me. May God bless you.



My son and I thank you very much.

[redacted], Blessings.

Translation donated by Alfredo González-Benítez

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