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Protests go nationwide to #EndFamilyDetention

1618347_10203589365447375_1319090756818344112_o (1)From coast to coast on Tuesday, March 24th people gathered to demand freedom for all refugee families at Karnes and Dilley “family” detention centers.

The event coincided with the commemoration of Monsenor Romero Day, the archbishop from El Salvador who fought for social justice and was killed in 1980 by a U.S.-backed death squad.

Communities in New York, Los Angeles and San Antonio held events that included solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter, the Garifuna mothers being shackled by the same system, and the imprisoned indigenous women and children from Guatemala and Central America that do not speak English nor Spanish and are being systematically discriminated.

Numerous organizations participated, including:

Endorsers: Human Rights Alliance for Refugee Children and Families (LA), Families for Freedom (NY), Grassroots Leadership (TX), Homies Unidos (LA), Salvadoran American National Association (SANA),, Raza Youth Collective (NY), Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition, Juventud FMLN Sur de California, and others.

Below are a few photos from the nationwide protests as well as media:

New York

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San Antonio

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Los Angeles

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