Request for bond fund donations: After 9 months imprisoned, family granted bond
On June 11, 2015 | 0 Comments


“Polyane and her 10 year old daughter have been detained at the Karnes Family Prison for 9 months now. The family fled violence in Brazil, passed a fear interview, however, until now, has been denied all requests for release.
Today, June 11th, Polyane was given word that she would be allowed to go home if she is able to post a $8,000 bond. This is akin to ransom for this family; however after more than 9 months in prison they need out.
We are calling on all supporters of refugee families to help us in this effort to bring Polyane home. Please donate what you can; everything makes a difference.

Awaiting her return in Boston are Polyane’s two U.S. Citizen children. They have been hurt the most by her long-term detention, and will give anything to hold their mother again.

Please help us make this possible. “