Solidarity statement with the #Hutto27 and the growing hunger strike movement
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prison-370112A hunger strike movement is taking place across several immigrant detention centers in the U.S. stands in solidarity with the growing number of hunger strikes at all immigrant detention centers.  We stand in solidarity with the #Hutto27, #ElPaso54, #LaSalle14 and recently-announced #AdelantoHungerStrike, which represents the fourth immigrant detention center to participate in hunger strikes within the last two weeks.

Latest reports state that a growing number of women at the Hutto facility are joining the strike.

UPDATE: ICE is retaliating against the strikers!  Please call to release strikers facing deportation!

Via Grassroots Leadership

The #Hutto27 hunger strike has grown! And so have reports of retaliation. Women inside report that whole sections of the detention center are now participating in the hunger strike. But ICE officials have also ramped their retaliation.

Women are being followed, given disciplinary reports for refusing to leave their dorms at meal time, and facing threats of movement to other facilities and deportation. Make a call to stop the retaliation!

Two women, Francisca and Amalia, were suddenly moved to a different detention center this afternoon. This is a common intimidation tactic used by immigration officials against people participating in a hunger strike.

Insis, a Garífuna woman from Honduras participating in the hunger strike, was punished with solitary confinement from 3pm on Saturday until Monday morning in a freezing medical confinement room for engaging in the hunger strike and boldly denouncing conditions of her detention. Read her handwritten statement about what happened:

“They have separated me from my friends they have me in a very cold room and alone they follow me as if I had committed a crime like a criminal I feel that they are treating me it’s an injustice someone behind me like a shadow following me since yesterday on Saturday 10/31/15 at 3 in the afternoon they have me in punishment they are very cruel and evil”

Will you make a call to get Francisca, Amalia, and Insis out of detention?

Here’s a calling script you can use as a guide:

Norma Lacy, Special Assistant, ICE San Antonio Field Office # 210 283-4711

“I’m calling to demand that Insis Maribel Zelaya Bernardez (A#206872250) be immediately released from the T. Don Hutto Detention Center, where she was placed in solitary confinement from 3pm on Saturday until Mondaymorning in retaliation for participating in a hunger strike and publicly denouncing conditions in the detention center. Insis, a Honduran Garífuna woman who is fleeing domestic violence and gang violence, suffers from sickle cell anemia, and has fainted three times while in the detention center. Despite her illness and compelling humanitarian case, she has been in detention for 10 months. I ask that you use your prosecutorial discretion to immediately release her without the necessity to pay bond by the end of the week.

We also demand to know where Francisca Morales Macias (A#098652351) and Amalia Arteaga Leal (A#206715851) have been moved and demand their immediate release. We demand that all deportations and transfers from Hutto be stopped until the women’s demands are met. I ask that you use your prosecutorial discretion to immediately release them without the necessity to pay bond by the end of the week.”

Links to more information on the strikes:

The video below is a report from Democracy Now about the #Hutto27: