TAKE ACTION NOW! Four ways to IMMEDIATELY support the hundreds of women on hunger strike #Hutto27
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By Chucha Marquez

By Chucha Marquez

Please TAKE ACTION NOW to support the HUNDREDS of women now on hunger strike at the Hutto immigrant prison and ACROSS THE U.S. who are also kidnapped in other immigrant prisons.  ICE is denying the strike exists but is retaliating against them and further violating their dignity and human rights!

We are asking for you to please sign the petitions, leave a message for ICE, and join the selfie campaign!  

As of last night, ICE and CCA have retaliated against at least 12 women from the Hutto prison, using solitary confinement (what they call “medical” isolation) as well as sending them to other centers, some of them to a predominantly male prison. ICE is denying that the now HUNDREDS of women at Hutto are on hunger strike, as they have denied the strikes that have also taken place in El Paso, Louisiana and now at the Adelanto facility in California. PLEASE SIGN and SUPPORT. THANK YOU!!! ‪#‎Hutto27‬, ‪#‎ElPaso54‬, ‪#‎LaSalle14‬ ,‪#‎AdelantoHungerStrike‬ ‪#‎EndFamilyDetention‬

Please support the hunger strikers by clicking onto the following:

SIGN THE PETITION:  http://act.presente.org/sign/hutto/?sp_ref=160360404.166.16686.f.70052.2&referring_akid=.52.62jjWY&source=fb_sp

SIGN THE PETITION:  https://grassrootsleadership.ourpowerbase.net/civicrm/petition/sign?sid=24&reset=1

CALL NOW: http://grassrootsleadership.org/blog/2015/11/what-you-can-do-demand-release-women-targeted-retaliation-hutto27-hunger-strike

Join a solidarity campaign by posting a selfie of yourself with the phrase: “WE STAND WITH #AdelantoHungerStrike, #Hutto27, #LaSalle14, #ElPaso54 FREEDOM NOW”

Other folks standing in solidarity:

Culture Strike

Links to more information on the strikes: