Time to name names: Physicians who keep the family detention machine running
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Originally posted on "The Physicians That Make Incarceration of Toddlers and Children Possible" at Amjolaw.com By Bryan Johnson
A Pediatrician at the Dilley children jail earns about $230,000.00 annually.

A Pediatrician at the Dilley children jail earns about $230,000.00 annually.

The below list was obtained from the names of physicians on a clients’ medical record and search results on the Texas State Medical Board public search tool. Following the list you will see the actual information provided by the State of Texas on these physicians and assistants:

Dr. Rochelle Flynn, MD. (Pediatrician)

Dr. Adolfo Carvajal, MD. (Pediatrician)

Dr. Alicia E. Mills, MD. (Pediatrician)

Dr. Rosa I. Colon. (Physician permit in Texas listed as terminated as of 07/29/2012)

Dr. Luis Ortega. (Does not appear as licensed to practice medicine in the State of Texas.)

Elizabeth Valdivia Carmona, Physicians Assistant.

An Nguyen, Pharmacist.

Dale Weaver, Physicians Assistant.

Peter Ibarra, Physicians Assistant.

Dr. Benjamin Aguilar, PhD.

ICE must first obtain a “medically cleared for custody” determination from a person licensed to practice medicine in Texas before incarcerating a child.

The next list to be published will be registered nurses.

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