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Tues 3/31 Day of action: Protest and vigil in San Antonio

On Tuesday, March 31 in San Antonio there will be a day of action to call for an end to family detention and support the hunger striking mothers and two children who have now been placed in isolation at the Karnes family prison.

10 am     Protest FB event page:

7 pm       Vigil FB  event page:

Protest information:

“Protest to #EndFamilyDetention and in support of the fast by mothers in isolation”

“On Tuesday, March 31, San Antonio supporters are gathering in front of the Mennonite Church, 1443 S. St. Mary’s, San Antonio, Tx at 10 am to hold a press conference and to show support for the women in detention at Karnes City.

Two (2) mothers and their children have been placed in isolation in Karnes City Detention Center because they were planning to fast during this holy week as a way to bring attention to their plight as refugees who are seeking asylum. Eighty (80) women have signed a petition pledging to join the fast.

Please attend. Bring bottled water, which we will then transport to Karnes City to deliver to these women and their children. Bring your banners of Our Lady of Guadalupe. ”

Vigil information:

“Vigil Outside Karnes Supporting Women Inside on Fast!”

“Women inside Karnes contacted us last week to say they were going to stage a fast this week, protesting their prolonged detention inside the center. There are children and mothers who have been detained since August of last year; over 8 months in a prison for children as young as a few months old.

These families are tired of the abuses they are facing, all by the Department of Homeland Security as a way to “teach them a lesson.” To protest this, and how they are being treated the women planned a fast and work boycott to begin tomorrow.

On Monday the facility and ICE discovered their plans. In response to this they placed three families in solitary confinement, along with their children.

Come out on Tuesday @ 7:00 pm as we hold a vigil in support of the women inside the center.”

#EndFamilyDetention #ShutDownKarnes #SanAntonio #Texas #not1more