You are currently viewing Visions From The Inside (2016) Day #14
By Matice Moore

Visions From The Inside (2016) Day #14

By Matice Moore

Piece #14 from our #VisionsFromTheInside2016 series, a collaborative project between visual artists and immigrants facing the for-profit detention monster.

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Excerpt from detainee’s letter: “My hope is that they close that place. That the people in charge of taking care of detained immigrants treat us like human beings…I hope to God that he also frees the many trans girls in there because they don’t deserve this.” -Christina

Artist statement: “Christina’s testimony about the cruel guards, the denial of hormones and basic medical treatment, and of having to hide her trans identity exemplified the ways our immigration laws and policies constantly oppress, dehumanize, and require an extraordinary degree of resilience, particularly from those who already face extreme marginalization within our cultures. Whenever I carve a piece of linoleum I am reminded of how light helps us make sense of the dark. As such, Christina’s story inspired me to imagine a God born from despair and perseverance, a God who transcends gender, who listens and frees us all. Special thanks to Christina for allowing me to artfully explore her experience, and to Thea Gahr, Shreya Shah, Sue Kamman Wilson and numerous others for helping me with this piece.” -Matice Moore

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