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By Chucha Marquez

Visions from the Inside: Day 9

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By Chucha Marquez
By Chucha Marquez


“They are thinking of making this place much bigger, and for what? To hold more immigrant families, because they want to keep more people in these precarious conditions.” –Excerpt from letter


ARTIST STATEMENT:  “Butterflies migrate and their migration is beautiful, they’re not restricted by physical borders. When humans restrict the beauty and nature of human migration it brings pain and trauma. It was important for me to incorporate these messages into the image of what migration should be and how detention and deportation are not only unnatural but they’re also detrimental. Rebecca’s letter illuminated the conditions that folks in detention are surviving day to day.” – Chucha Marquez




Visions From The Inside is a collaborative project between 15 visual artists and detained migrants at Karnes Detention Center.

CultureStrike in partnership with Mariposas Sin Fronteras, End Family Detention and 15 artists from across the country, brings you Visions From The Inside, a visual art project inspired by letters penned by detained migrants.

By visually illustrating these letters we aim to bring awareness and a better sense of the realities that people are experiencing inside of for-profit detention facilities, what led them to migrate in the first place and, most importantly, highlighting the resiliency of the migrant spirit.