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What is family detention?

Family detention is the imprisonment of families, women and children. Right now, ICE contracts with private, for-profit corporations to run the family detention centers.

What is a private prison?

A private for-profit prison is a place in which individuals are physically confined by a third party that is contracted by a government agency. Reports of human rights violations are frequent in these facilities.

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Is this a bad thing?

The mass incarceration of families and children in prisons is wrong. For-profit prisons are not rehabilitation centers or “family residential centers” when there is a specific type of people being sought out to fill the prisoner quota.

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Who is getting hurt?

Refugees, particularly women and children from Central and South America. Numerous reports of verbal and physical abuse, rape, live freezing and chemical exposure are being consistently reported by young children and mothers.

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Un hogar es el lugar mas apropiado para niños y sus padres.

Una prision “residencial de familias” no es un hogar ni un lugar para una familia.

This new documentary which chronicles the return of immigrant family detention in the United States. The Texas-made film follows our government’s response to refugees and migrants in the creation and expansion of new private prisons for these families in remote and isolated areas of the Southwest. Reversing the progress of the immigrant rights movement and his own previous decisions, President Obama has surpassed the Bush administration in expanding the use of detention centers for refugee families. This history is portrayed and told by the people who live it and shines light on the growing grassroots movement fighting to close these family prisons and welcoming our neighbors with compassion.

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